What’s in Season? April – June edition

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Every few months, Gourmet Society will let you know about the items that are in season, helping you select the restaurant dishes that use only the most seasonal ingredients for maximum freshness and taste.

Why is it important to know that the food that you are eating is in season?

From a food-lover perspective initially, enjoying food that’s in season is the best way of making sure that you’re getting the freshest produce with the most taste and a higher nutritional value. It’s also a good way to make sure that you’re being responsible about the food that you choose to eat; choosing items that have reduced energy and transportation during that season to be conscious about the environment, to avoid paying high prices for produce that is scarcer or has travelled a long way.

A lot of restaurants will have seasonal specials – but not all of them will let you know explicitly that they are specials because they are using seasonal ingredients. To help you make a better choice about what to order, cook and eat to stay with the seasons, we’ve put some key highlights in a list here for you.


The seasonal ingredients in April peak during this month, and then quickly head out of season again – so the key in April is to enjoy these ingredients whilst you can, and really make the most of them at their peak.

April is the time to enjoy crab – whether you make it into a linguini or fry it into some crab cakes – you should be featuring this crustacean in your diet this month. Watercress also comes into season in April so it’s the perfect time for a watercress soup, or a range of salads including this ingredient.

Other ingredients to pay attention to this month are: Lamb, Morel, Rocket, Wild Garlic and Cockles and Oysters.



As summer hints on the horizon, May’s seasonal ingredients lead the way with bright colours and flavours.

Asparagus makes its appearance, perfect for adding into a risotto or wrapping with parma ham. For many, asparagus is an all-year feature on the plate, with supermarkets ensuring that these are always available, however enjoying fresh asparagus picked locally is the best way to taste the full flavour this May.

May is the month for new potatoes – whether they’re made into potato salads, or presented butter -covered as a side dish.

Other ingredients to pay attention to this month are: Chicory, Gooseberry, Radish and Samphire.



June is the month that many have been waiting for all year – the month in which punnets of fresh and juicy strawberries appear on local market shelves again, and are featured in seasonal dishes at restaurants. Coupled with other red berry favourite, the raspberry, June is the perfect time to enjoy the wide range of berry desserts that become so popular during the summer. Sample a range of berry jellies, Pavlovas and fruit salads featuring these.

Tomatoes, peas and broad beans also come into their own during June – meaning that vegetables and salads become unmissable during June.

Other ingredients to pay attention to this month are: Mangetout, Mackerel, Hare, and French Beans


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