5 things we love about afternoon tea

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  • Chintzy china
    Because the only time we’ll ever use a fancy side plate is when there’s a cream-laden scone on it. An afternoon tea really isn’t complete without a bit of Granny’s bone china


  • Real tea leaves
    Forget the bag – a proper brew needs proper leaves. Whether it’s a delicate Darjeeling or an extravagant Earl Grey, long live the loose leaf!


  • Finger sandwiches
    Who knew cucumber could be so satisfying? All it needs is sandwiching between fluffy white bread and oodles of butter… perfect!


  • The cream and jam argument
    Scones with cream and jam, or scones with jam and cream? Dividing cake lovers across the nation, this vital question will always provoke a lively dinner table debate.


  • Cake of course!
    Whether a wedge of Victoria sponge or a hand-crafted pastry – if it’s smothered in chocolate and stuffed with buttercream, we’ll take it!

Discover your favourite things about afternoon tea by finding your nearest venue here, and make some time for 2 for 1 tea with Gourmet Society this autumn – because everything is better with a cuppa and a cake!

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