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Well, Summer has come and gone before we knew it. At least, it left before I knew it. Did you notice it leave? It doesn’t matter, because now that we’ve entered October Summer’s colder, slightly off cousin Autumn has come around. That means no more al fresco dining (well, without a coat at least), no more barbecues, no more fantastic food times.


..Or does it? No, no it does not, as rain or shine there will always be great restaurants to visit. And are there any new gems in Gourmet Society’s crown? Of course there are. Will I stop asking rhetorical questions? Yes. Sorry about that.


This month here at Gourmet Society we’ve seen a plethora of restaurants join us in offering you a wealth of savings across the country. And it’s here that I present to you some of the very best that are new this month, where you can feast like royalty; without having to pay a king’s ransom.


London/Greater London Area


  • Murakami, Soho: Utterly resplendent Japanese cuisine, from the stunning sushi to the terrific teriyaki dishes.
  • The Exhibition Rooms, Crystal Palace: With food good enough to showcase, the Modern English fare will leave diners delighted.
  • Oriel, Chislehurst: A medley of European and French fancies will make diners want to stay and indulge all day.


The North


  • Cabana, Newcastle: The Olympics may be over, but the spirit of Rio has landed in Newcastle.
  • Zing Vaa, Sheffield: A cornucopia of Chinese wonders make this staple of Sheffield dining supreme.
  • Whittles Farm, Preston: Internationally inspired delicacies meet reinvented British classics at this wonderful venue.


The Midlands


  • The Garden Restaurant, Stone: Part of an elegant hotel, this Modern English serving location merits a visit, if only for a great meal.
  • Vesuvio, Stourbridge: An authentic taste of Italy in a humble, cosy environment.
  • Belgo, Nottingham: The Belgian chain draws out of London, providing a myriad mouth-watering meals.


The South



  • Ambrette, Rye: Beautifully crafted, honestly made Modern English dishes worthy of a special occasion.
  • Jewel in the Crown, Swindon: Tantalising tastes of the exotic sub-continent of India with fresh and imaginative curries.
  • Number 23, St. Albans: A curiosity conjuring combination of British bites in a tapas style setting.




  • Dragon-I, Glasgow: Covering an entire continent, this Asian themed restaurant is sure to please any palate.
  • McPhabbs, Glasgow: A modern public house with all manners of International style wonders.




  • Mojo, Newport: These Modern culinary masterpieces are almost too beautiful to devour.
  • Pizza Jazz, Belfast: It’s all in the name, with soulful jazz music and brilliant Italian cuisine this is a great spot to kick off a party.


And those are the restaurants that made my chicken fillet sandwich look like disappointment incarnate, with more restaurants added to the site every day. Have you come across any new favourite spots this month? Think there are some older restaurants that merit some good old fashioned word of mouth? Let the world know by commenting on our Facebook and twitter pages!


By Tom Simpkins


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