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The days are shorter, the nights are longer, a chill rides every gust of wind, and the sun is little more than a superficial light hanging briefly in the sky. December, must you be so callous? Apparently so, as there’s also the hectic hustle and bustle of December filling up restaurants more so than any other time in year, so there doesn’t seem to be too many places with spare seats to fill. It certainly looks like there won’t be any warm and cosy spot opening their doors for us, the discerning gourmets…


But be still your woefully beating hearts, as for Gourmet Society members there’s still a silver lining to be seen along those dark clouds looming over us! There are still new restaurants being recruited that offer discount dining; even in December! So with that positive attitude in mind let’s look at some of the best that Gourmet Society saw in November yet still allow members in December!


Theo's Simple Italian, Kensington

Theo’s Simple Italian, Kensington


  • Theo’s Simple Italian, Kensington: The name says it all, with a venue that’s abundant with beloved classics and intriguing twists of Italian dishes, all overflowing with fresh flavours.
  • Encant, Covent Garden: A medley of mouth-watering tapas style dishes are sure to warm up those winter blues, so grab some mates and gather round for an eclectic feast!
  • 100 Islington, Islington: Resplendent dishes match an opulent venue, as contemporary dining is the focus of this stunning restaurant.
  • Brassett Churrascaria, Bromley: A carnivorous paradise, the Rodizio style of Brazilian cuisine keeps the meat coming until you can take no more.


Kyoto Kitchen, Winchester

Kyoto Kitchen, Winchester

North and South

  • Kyoto Kitchen, Winchester: A diverse array of sushi is just one accolade of the myriad irresistible Japanese dishes served here.
  • Zona Rosa, Brighton: Catering to vegetarians and vegans just as well as meat eaters, everybody’s sure to find something delicious within this eatery’s rich Mexican menu.
  • Angeethi, Gateshead: Vividly colourful and vibrant tasting Indian dishes set Angeethi apart from the competition, so quell those curry cravings here!


The Cottage Bistro, Edinburgh

The Cottage Bistro, Edinburgh



Hmm, the list seems a little short this month; December truly is ruthless…Well, independent restaurants may be struggling to accommodate Gourmet Society members, but there are plenty of chains that are welcoming them in with open arms! Here are some of my favourites, which I’ll be visiting amidst frantic Christmas shopping…


Loch Fyne
Loch Fyne
Really, any one of these 30 nationwide restaurants are best enjoyed before setting off in a big rush, as Loch Fyne specialises in sumptuous seafood dishes and dabbles in the odd grilled delight. If there’s anything that can prepare you for venturing out into the cold and going shoulder to shoulder with hordes of almost feral shoppers, it’s a stomach full of delicious seafood!




Café Rouge

With over 80 restaurants across the country, there’s sure to be a Café Rouge near you, especially if you decide to brave those busy shopping centres! And what better way is there to relax and unwind during an arduous present run than with some sumptuous French cuisine? With no need to book in advance and the incredible Gourmet Society discount offering you and up to nine guests 25% off both food and drinks there’s no reason not to give Café Rouge a try!



Bella Italia

It’s easy for Gourmet Society members to enjoy a wealth of wondrous Italian dishes from one of over 100 Bella Italia restaurants, most of which don’t require advance booking. This makes a Bella Italia a perfect spot to visit when you’re craving something tantalisingly Italian but can’t bear the thought of another take out. After all, even after the gifts have been bought they have to be wrapped, and nicely at that! And what better way to put a bow on the whole fiasco than visiting a colourful, vibrant restaurant for some scrumptious fare?


Those are merely my recommendations (or, you know, the places you’ll be able to find me in December) that have joined us from the past month, as well as a handful of my favourite Gourmet Society exclusive chains, but there’s new restaurants being added each day so why not check out your local area on Gourmet Society and see what’s awaiting your visit?


Been to any of these places before? What did you think? By Thor’s Beard, did you try the Bouillabaisse at Café Rouge? How about that spicy heart stopping Diavola at Bella Italia? Any thoughts at all, including your favourite dishes, let us know via Facebook or twitter!


By Tom Simpkins


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