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Good folk of Bath, do you have a Gourmet Society card? Do you use it often, or is it often left neglected? Like those estranged store gift cards, a coffee rewards card from forever ago, or an honourary Avengers membership card, has it simply rested in a dark crevice of your wallet for too long?

For shame!

Whenever the chore of cooking seems way too great and that cook book your parents got you last Christmas seems way too thick to read, plus that chef on the front cover seems way too pleased with themselves; can’t you hear that card calling? Whenever you suggest a take away, only to hear that the rats in the walls were really the cooks all along, and not in a ‘Ratatouille’ way but a ‘they don’t realise droppings aren’t a seasoning’ kind of way; don’t you feel the need to dine out?

Then dine out, good sir, dine out, fair lady!

But where, you ask; where!? Well calm down, and never fear, for Going Gourmet knows a thing or two, or four, about the Bath dining scene…


Ring O Bells: Modern European, Widcombe Parade
Let’s begin by looking at the finer things in life, shall we? Truly personifying all that the Gourmet Society membership stands for is the exquisite Ring O Bells restaurant, which serves modern art-grade beautiful dishes.

Virtually the entire menu deserves to be devoured, yet if you’re set simply enjoying one dish then we suggest the tender lamb valentine steak, adorned with a rosemary and garlic butter and a chorizo and herb salad, the sumptuous caramelised mooli, complete with roast spiced cauliflower and a lavender cream, or the juicy cod loin fillet, coated with a herb crust and paired with a squid ink tortellini filled with fish foe and a shellfish emulsion.

Granted several awards, including the 2011 and 2015 Bath Good Food Awards, Ring O Bells is an ideal pick for an occasion that merits somewhere special.


Koh Thai Tapas: Thai, Broad Street
Moving onto something a little eclectic yet lavishly excellent, Koh Thai Tapas is an eatery that has aimed to set itself apart from the hum drum carbon copies of Thai restaurants. With its exemplary dedication to good service and the diverse offering of dishes it’s fair to say Koh Thai Tapas has done just that.

Keeping in spirit with the variety of tastes available, the Going Gourmet recommendations will cover almost all the bases, as some top picks for a truly authentic tapas experience would be the delectable mussels in crispy bacon, the irresistible Koh’s duck and cucumber rolls, the tantalising prawn tempura, the tender 24 hour ribs, and the traditional dim sum.

Proving itself as a champion of customer service, having won the 2015 Best Employers in Hospitality Award among many others, it’s a safe bet that any meal at Koh Thai Tapas will be a memorable one.


Loch Fyne: Seafood and Grill, Milsom Street

For an experience that’s informal yet still fine, lovers of all things of the sea as well as the grill will adore the Loch Fyne restaurant. Housed in a recently refurbished landmark grade II listed building, the wide open dining area is awash with nautical themes.

The offerings in the menu are just as rich as the surroundings, with sublime selections such as the succulent 28 day aged ribeye steak, served with twice-cooked chips, pickled onion rings and Café de Paris butter, the refreshing Avocado Super Salad, tossed with toasted almonds, pomegranate and grapefruit, or for those of ravenous hunger, the Shellfish Platter, a spread so good that vegetarians may be tempted to go ‘liberal’ just to enjoy the Loch Fyne oysters, langoustines and much more, paired with a choice of a whole crab or lobster.

A true testament to how good seafood can be, Loch Fyne obtains its delicious ingredients straight from the Loch, certainly making it worthy of sampling by seafaring diners.


Komedia Arts Café: British, Westgate Street
Rounding things off with style is the shout out to the Komedia Arts Café, who adhere to the ethos that only local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients should go into making good food; and good food is exactly what’s made here. Inside diners can settle into an incredibly stylised dining area, decorated as if it were an art exhibition.

Championing crepes above all else, the concise menu at Komedia Arts Café believes that simplicity leads to the superb. Choosing between sweet and savoury, diners popping in for something scrumptious can choose between dishes such as the fantastic avocado and bacon crepe, filled with crispy streaky bacon and fresh avocados, the divine toffee apple waffles, topped with caramelised apples and a toffee sauce, and the charming fish finger sandwich, a toasted ciabatta stuffed with fish goujons and tartare sauce.

Recognised by the Good Food Awards and Taste of the West 2016, Komedia Arts Café is considered a gold standard by those with impeccable taste, making it a great spot to visit for a satisfying lunch.

…Do you hear it now? The siren’s song that is the Gourmet Society discount? You’d be wise to heed its call and track down even more brilliant Bath-based restaurants, some of which honour 50% off all food or 25% off everything ordered, which means it’s time to break out the bubbly and dine in style! Go on, you are a Gourmet after all…

With several chain restaurants and even more individual restaurants to enjoy in Bath, Gourmet Society members can enjoy staggering discounts at a variety of restaurants. A comprehensive list of restaurants in a variety of cuisine types can be seen on the Gourmet Society website or smartphone app.

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