From Farm to Table: Why Restaurants are embracing Fresh Food more than ever in 2016

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Farm to table is a phrase that’s really soared in the food world over the past few years. Diners have long dreamed of visiting restaurants and having a serving of freshly picked, freshly caught, sustainable ingredients presented in front of them, knowing where each element of the dish was sourced from. Diners have craved the taste of produce sourced from the local farms and nearby artisan suppliers, and restaurants have been doing all that they can to oblige.

This year though, far more restaurants are taking the farm to table trend more seriously than they ever have before. There are certainly plenty of restaurants on the Gourmet Society’s listing that cook by this rule and will now only serve the best, locally sourced produce to their diners.

Why is this Farm to table trend so important? We’ve taken a look at the trend, and picked out three key reasons why Farm to table produce is such a key trend in the dining industry at the moment.

It’s better for the environment
How far do your ingredients travel before they make it to your table?

Many of us don’t often think about the huge impact that the travel miles of our food can have on our environment. In 1993, a Swedish researcher calculated that the ingredients of a typical Swedish breakfast, such as apples, bread, butter, cheese, coffee, cream, orange juice and sugar, actually travelled a distance equal to the circumference of the Earth before reaching the Scandinavian table.

The local food movement reduces the need for these travel miles, and therefore ensures that the food on your table has less of an environmental impact.


It’s better for our health
As most people know, fruits and vegetables that are fresher are actually healthier for you – since these ingredients have had the optimum time in the ground to ripen and reach their peak, rather than being harvested early to prevent spoiling during across-the-world transit.

Farm ingredients are not susceptible to this premature harvesting, and usually they’re not processed using any chemicals or toxins that are designed to increase shelf life – as they are generally served fresh and have no need for these. This means that they’re far better for your health than older, chemically enhanced versions of these products.


It tastes amazing!
One benefit of dining at a restaurant that uses Farm to table produce is that they will need to be altering their restaurant menu all year round, to ensure that they’re using the most in season produce possible. Here at the Gourmet Society, we know just how important using in season produce is for taste – as we write about the most in season produce every single month.

We know that we often get a better plate and a more varied menu when visiting a restaurant that has a great relationship with local farmers – who will sometimes deliver these fresh, seasonal ingredients straight to the restaurant’s door.


April the 22nd is Earth Day – where we’re encouraged to think about the food that we are eating, it’s sustainability and impact on the environment. If you’re looking to dine out this evening, why don’t you pick one of our restaurants which uses sustainably sourced ingredients? You can find plenty near you. 


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