The charmingly delicious Carluccio’s dishes we always go back to.

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For this instalment of The perfect table, we’re delving into the Carluccio’s menu. Founded in 1991 by Antonio and Priscilla Carluccio, the aim of the Italian food connoisseurs was to bring great quality and authentic Italian food at sensible prices. And now a part of gourmet society, guests can well and truly revel in sensible prices, saving 25% on the total bill, including drinks.

Minimum of fuss, maximum of flavour.

Still following the late and great Antonio Carluccio’s motto MOF MOF – Minimum of fuss, maximum of flavour – the Carluccio’s menu is overflowing with simple, sophisticated dishes. We’ve chosen a select few of our gourmet society HQ favourites, from classic Italian pasta dishes to quirky takes on desserts. But frankly, we’d happily play dish roulette with the whole menu.

The perfect Carluccio’s table.

Breakfast & brunch.

Vegetarian breakfast

Eggs, exactly how you like them, accompanied by the millennial favourite, smashed avocado. Add a hearty side of chargrilled courgette, sautéed mushrooms, slow roasted tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and toasted wholemeal sourdough and voila, the perfect vegetarian breakfast.

Pancakes Cioccolata

Carluccio’s put their stamp on a classic with the Pancakes Cioccolata – a stack of three pancakes topped with fresh berries, ricotta yoghurt, and a warm chocolate & hazelnut sauce.

Pancakes Cioccolata - 25% off at Carluccio's with gourmet society



A classic that needs no bells and whistles, Carluccio’s freshly bake their own focaccia every morning using a traditional Ligurian recipe.

Tomato Bruschetta

A beautifully balanced combination of mixed cherry tomatoes, basil and garlic nestled on toasted ciabatta. Finished with a glug of extra virgin olive oil for good measure.

Carluccio's starters - 25% off with gourmet society


Penne Giardiniera

A characterful giant Pugliese penne pasta scattered with crispy spinach balls, grated courgette, garlic, chilli and cheese.

Seafood linguine

Is it truly a trip to an Italian restaurant without digging into a pasta dish? Succulent prawns, whole mussels, squid and al dente linguine laced in a punchy crab & chilli sauce. Topped with bottarga, a Mediterranean salted, cured fish roe delicacy.

Seafood linguine - 25% off Carluccio's with gourmet society


Risotto al Funghi

A delicious take on the northern Italian rice dish, peppered with a mix of porcini, oyster & shiitake mushrooms with a good helping of garlic.



For a vegan take on the classic Chicken Milanese, try the Carluccio’s Veganese. A plant-based escalope in rosemary breadcrumbs served with a healthy side of slow-roasted tomatoes and dressed salad leaves.


Chicken Milanese

Revel in an Italian classic with the Chicken Milanese. Consisting of a chicken breast in crispy rosemary breadcrumbs and accompanied with a side of slow-roasted tomatoes, dressed salad leaves and topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano, this is truly a Carluccio’s special.

Chicken Milanese - 25% off Carluccio's with gourmet society


Giant Profiterole

For a luxury dessert, opt for the giant profiterole. Fluffy pastry filled with vanilla ice cream, sweet ricotta cream, and hazelnut a & chocolate sauce, this is one of gourmet society HQ’s all-time favourite sweet treats.

Giant Profiteroles - 25% off Carluccio's at gourmet society

Passion Fruit Meringue

Fluffy meringue pieces layered between a zesty, passion fruit mascarpone cream. Topped with a good helping of raspberries and raspberry coulis for a berry infusion.

So, ready to devour the Carluccio’s menu?

Get 25% off the total bill, including drinks, at Carluccio’s from Sunday to Thursday with gourmet society.

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