RECIPE OF THE WEEK – Table Table’s Banoffee Pie

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As part of Gourmet Society’s official Bake Off for Macmillan Cancer, we got busy in the kitchen cooking up cakes and sweet treats from some of our favourite restaurants. Each week, we’re going to share the tricks of the trade with our followers, so you can recreate your favourite desserts at home. This week, it’s Rebecca’s winning Banoffee Pie from Table Table – one of our most family-friendly pub chains. With over 85 venues nationwide, diners can get 25% off food and drink at their local Table Table

Banoffee Pie

Since it was first invented in Britain in the 1970s, Banoffee Pie has become a firm favourite on dinner tables across the nation. Combining a crunchy biscuit base with sickly sweet toffee sauce, banana, oodles of whipped cream and grated chocolate, it’s easy to see why this oh-so-sweet dessert is so popular! This recipe can be as easy or as difficult as you make it – Rebecca opted to make her own toffee sauce, but it’s also available in a can for those who are feeling a little lazy!

For the base

75g butter

300g chocolate oaty biscuits

For the filling

115g butter

115g soft dark brown sugar

397g can sweetened condensed milk

For the topping

450ml double cream

5 ripe but firm medium bananas

25g coarsely grated plain dark chocolate or chocolate curls

Preparation method

  1. To make the delicious biscuit base, blend your biccies into crumbs or bash them up in a food bag with a rolling pin. Melt the butter in a pan over a low heat, before adding it to the biscuit crumbs and stirring well.
  2. Press the buttery biscuit crumbs into your pie tin, making sure the mixture is pressed down with your fingers. If you have enough mixture, press it up the sides of the tin too. Leave the tin in the fridge to cool for half an hour before making your banoffee filling.
  3. To make the filling, melt the butter in a medium non-stick saucepan, stir in the sugar and the condensed milk and keep stirring until thick, sticky and sweet.
  4. Pour the toffee gently onto the biscuit base and quickly smooth the surface. Leave to chill for an hour or so before adding your sliced bananas to the top of the toffee. Handy hint: if you’re making your pie in advance, drizzle a little lemon juice over the bananas to stop them from browning!
  5. Just before serving, lightly whip the cream in a bowl, stopping before it gets too stiff to manipulate. Spoon it on top of your pie in soft peaks.
  6. Table Table drizzle their banoffee with extra toffee sauce and bananas, but it’s up to you how you top it! Rebecca grated chocolate and sprinkled it over the top of the cream. However you decorate your pie – don’t be shy!

Not so great in the kitchen? Our members get 25% off the total bill at Table Table Pubs, meaning you can sample the real thing – for less! Discover your nearest Table Table venue by visiting us here.

Had a go at baking our recipe? Share some snaps of your results on our Twitter page at @GourmetSociety!

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