gourmet society presents: April cinema releases

As well as fantastic discounts on dining, you can enjoy up to 40% off cinema tickets with your gourmet society membership too. So, it’s the perfect excuse to take a seat in the front row and enjoy the latest blockbusters. Wondering what you can wrap your eyes around? Here's a few films to catch this April. [...]

Make the Most of Your 25% Gourmet Society Discount at The Rabbit Hole, a Wondrous New Restaurant Concept in Llandudno!

Providing locals and visitors to the popular Welsh seaside town of Llandudno with as fine a concept as it does an exquisite eatery, newly opened The Rabbit Hole is a stylish and contemporary café that offers up all of the charm expected of a traditional Great British establishment. The warmest of welcomes is extended to […]

Make the Most of Your 25% Gourmet Society Discount at PizzaExpress!

The home of scrumptious pizzas, mouth-watering pastas and refreshing salads, PizzaExpress has been delighting any lover of the Italian cuisine ever since it was founded by one Peter Boizot in 1965. Fresh out of university and with a stint in the National Service behind him, Peter worked his way through Europe before eventually settling in […]

Gourmet Society’s Recommended Restaurants: October ’17

With October now behind us there’s an undeniable truth in the air. Summer is well and truly behind us, and just as the winds must chill and the seasons must pass so too must Gourmet Society continue to grow and improve. I see this on a daily basis, with many spots often catching my eye. […]

Chiquit-oh-so-many-fajitas: A Sizzling National Fajita Day!

As many will know, things got a little spicy for Gourmet Society a while ago when Chiquito joined the roster, providing plenty of opportunities for members across the country to get a taste of Mexico. This is particularly tantalising when considering this Friday, thanks to a particular internationally celebrated day. Seldom do we see a […]

Spirited Away: The Soma of This World

It’s no secret that I’m partial to a glass of wine every now and then. After all, I’ve written a few blogs about the stuff, but despite fancying a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or a bottle of Brut Champagne from time to time I could never see myself taking out a loan to even sniff […]

Spirited Away: The Ambrosia of This World

Throughout this mini-series I’ve written from my experiences and from my level to best portray a relatively relatable journey (or bender) through a variety of different spirits. From highs to lows, and from exemplary to awful, I’ve endeavoured to showcase spirits in a manner that benefits the majority of tastes; but not today. No, today […]

Gourmet Society Featured Restaurant: Favelas

I begin this with a confession, perhaps the most crystal clear and truthful comment I have ever made in my life; I love Brazilian food. The sheer scope of the cuisine, the tantalising diversity one can find even in one dish (let alone a menu), the sublime nature of their cocktails; everything about it is […]

Gourmet Society Featured Restaurant: Loch Fyne – York

  Despite such captivating attractions as the Barbican and the JORVIK centre or the almost iridescent beauty of the city itself I seldom find myself in York. This is a shame, particularly for the gourmet within me as I know there’s a myriad different dining spots that could enthral my taste buds. Luckily for me […]

A Regal Afternoon – Celebrating the 91st Birthday of Queen Elizabeth

A staple of Britain’s traditional culture, the royal family is certainly something to be commemorated within the borders of the UK. Be it for the history behind our royal sovereign, the tourism that they, and iconic structures like Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, bring into the country, the presence of a Monarch is to be […]

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