Gourmet Society is proud to support Action Against Hunger’

Gourmet Society is thrilled to be supporting Action Against Hunger, a global humanitarian organisation working to save the lives of severely malnourished children while providing communities with sustainable access to safe water and good nutrition.

Gourmet Society has selected Action Against Hunger as a charity partner for 3 years from September 2017. We’ll be donating funds through sales of our Gourmet Society memberships, as well as running a variety of staff fundraising events across the 3 years.

The £5 donation that will be made on each card purchased throughout a dedicated campaign in September will go towards Action Against Hunger’s life-saving work.

Here’s just one example of how these funds can make a difference…

Just £42 can provide the nutrition treatment needed to save the life of a severely malnourished child and nurse them back to health.

Prahlad’s story
Prahlad, from Dhawati village in India’s Madya Pradesh, was just 18 months old when he received treatment for malnutrition at a local health centre supported by Action Against Hunger. At that time he was severely malnourished, weighing just 4.4kg, not much more than a new born baby.

His mum, Rehka, had tried everything she could to make him better but sadly, Prahlad’s condition didn’t improve and became weaker and weaker. A community health worker told Rehka about the nutrition centre and thankfully they made it there on time. Prahlad was immediately diagnosed with life-threatening malnutrition and put on a tight treatment schedule. For 24 days he received the care and treatment he needed to regain his strength. He received regular meals, including therapeutic milk, eggs and complementary food.

Less than a month later, Prahlad was well on the road to recovery. He was discharged from the health centre and received regular follow up care at home until he was back to full health.

Now five years old, Prahlad is lively and smart, mimicking his elders. He knows everyone by name in the village, and is always keen to recite his alphabet and numbers to anyone who will listen. ‘Prahlada’ in Sanskrit means ‘filled with joy’, a name that couldn’t be more fitting for the little boy today.

Tens of thousands of mothers like Rehka struggle to make ends meet in this rural area of India. Long hours working the field, poor sanitation and hygiene, along with a lack of access to water, make it hard for mothers to ensure their young children don’t fall ill. Action Against Hunger is working with health authorities and local partners to help integrate the treatment of acute malnutrition within communities and at home. This means malnourished children can access the treatment they need before it becomes critical, and without the need for their parents or carers to make long trips to hospitals.

Rehka looks at her son Prahlad proudly. Photo: Action Against Hunger

Building on her experiences with Prahlad’s illness, Rekha is now more active in the community, responsible for cooking food for the 40 children in the village school nearby. With better food preparation methods, the children in the village are now much less likely to fall ill in the way Prahlad did a few years ago.

Action Against Hunger’s work in India is demonstrating that by training community workers and embedding them into village life, rates of malnutrition can rapidly improve. Rekha dreams that one day Prahlad will become a school teacher. But most of all, Rekha can hope that Prahlad will continue to live up to his name and be ‘filled with joy’, an infectious energy that he now passes to everyone he meets.

To find out more about Action Against Hunger and the lifesaving work that they do, please visit: https://www.actionagainsthunger.org.uk/. If you’d like to make a donation, you can do this here. 

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